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What we do

Pilates for Life Studio is Paarl’s premier Pilates training facility offering the classic Pilates method as originally designed by Joseph H. Pilates as well as modified versions more suitable to individual needs and special conditions.


As the first and only fully equipped studio in the winelands we are pleased to offer training on all the Pilates equipment manufactured to Joe’s original specifications but modernised to suit our needs in the 21st century.

Choose from private or semi-private lessons on the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair and the Spine Corrector.

We also offer group classes (maximum of 9 per class) on the Reformers, Wunda Chairs, and Spine Correctors.

The group Mat classes include various levels and styles of Pilates using Magic Circles, Foam Rollers, Flex-bands, Swiss Balls, Franklin Balls, Balance Blocks, Yoga Blocks, Hand Weights, and Ankle Weights.

We take pride in offering not just a form of training, but an entire health and wellness package. Our beauty salon, Beauty is Life, takes care of your beauty needs while the Pilates classes offer you the chance to focus on your mind and body. At Paarl Pilates we create a therapeutic space that allows you to shed the stress, anxieties, and demands of the outside world for a few hours every week. Free your body. Free your mind. Free your soul.

We also offer:

– General Pilates classes

– One-on-one treatments/lessons

– Courses and workshops for Pilates instructors

– Movement courses and workshops for Physiotherapists

– Lecturing

Take a look at all of our classes and courses below.

Classes & Courses
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