I can’t do Pilates, because I’m not flexible:

You can!!! And you should!!!

Many people think that you just stretch in Pilates. Yes, you do work on your flexibility (but it’s not like you go into the splits and stay there until you lose feeling in your limbs). A lot of the exercises incorporate strength building and stretching at the same time. You’ll be doing an exercise without necessarily knowing you’re also targeting your flexibility. Everything in your body can and should be able to move. Pilates will help you get there.

Pilates is the same as Yoga:

Although there are certain similarities, there are quite a few differences. Firstly, Pilates is based on dynamic movement. It’s very seldom that you will find that you hold a specific move longer than three counts. Although you’ll find that there are standing exercises, most exercises require that you either sit, lie down on your back, side or tummy. Pilates also requires you to pull your bellybutton towards your spine (getting a scooped feeling of the tummy). In Pilates we motivate you to breathe in the ribcage (expanding your chest sideways and towards the back), whereas Yoga allows the relaxation of your abdominal cavity and allows “belly breathing”.